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Perfect Power Control is a young and innovative company, founded in August 2001. The founding of Perfect Power Control is the result of a  division test equipment from Van Weele B.V. origin an agricultural machinery dealer.

The division test equipment from Van Weele B.V. was founded in 1979. It all started with the acquisition of the importership of the AW dyno, originally an American built test unit. Since 1979 Van Weele is the official importer and distributor for the AW dyno's in the Netherlands. The AW dyno's are mainly distributed to engine rebuilding companies as well as to agricultural machinery dealers.

Perfect Power Control B.V. is located in Wolphaartsdijk, The Netherlands.

With the development of new Windows software and a brand new modern power tester, that not only had to be air-cooled, but also had to be mobile so that it could be used at any location. This evaluation lead to the founding of the name Perfect Power Control B.V and to the manufacturing of the PPC1000 and PPC2000 power testers.

The PPC products are famous for being user friendly, mobile and innovative. Therefore PPC has the perfect testers to perfectly control your power!

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Perfect Power Control

Johan van Luijk

Stadseweg 14
4471 PD Wolphaartsdijk
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 113 269 261