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watercooled Dyno

The AW dyno is a water cooled dyno and has a very good reputation for endurance testing. The heart of the dyno consists of a brake drum(s) with brake linings. The "linings" are pressed against the drum by hydraulic pressure. The necessary pressure is regulated via a control valve. The force that is supplied by the power source is measured on the torque arm.
The AW can test both directions of rotation

The AW dyno can test any device that has an outgoing shaft and is capable to take a high torque (4470 Nm, depending on the model).

The dyno is built very compact and is very accurate. An accuracy of 98% is factory guaranteed. The AW dyno is very stable because of its big water tank. With this water stock a 70 Kw tractor can be tested on full load during half an hour without addition of water.

There are various possibilities for operating the dyno and data acquisition . The standard read-out exists of an analog read-out system for the power
+ digital read-out for RPM. The load-control is mounted directly on the dyno. The second read-out option can be done via a hand-held read-out and accompanying software.
Option number three exists of a data acquisition system and software.
With this option the tester can be controlled via the DAS system with accompanying Win-Dyno software.  Click here for the read out systems

All AW dynos are provided with CE marking,shearbolt bolt safety device in the PTO and a protective device against overheating.

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