the perfect way to control your power

Readout systems

Here you find the readout systems for our watercooled Dynamometer.

Handheld controller HH877-1
If you do not need the extensive possibilities of the DAS system and the Win-Dyno software, you can choose for the HH877-1 handheld controller. With this device the tester can easily be controlled. The HH877-1 also acquires limited test data. (Controlling the AW dyno with the hand-held controller is not possible)

The tester can be controlled via the HH877-1, a handheld controller equipped with a 4 lines display. On this display the following test are shown:
- PTO rpm
- PTO torque
- PTO power
- PTO torque increase in %

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Our Digital read out system gives you the perfect (Horse) Power of your tractor.

With the RPM, NM, Power and torque increase you see direct what the tractor deliver.

Perfect Power Control

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