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Sigma dynamometer

The power tester works according to the generator principle. The PTO is linked to the gearbox that doubles the speed.

It drives the generator and by means of software or the handheld control can be responsible for the generator.

The energy is directly by air-cooled resistors converted into heat and leave the power so tester.

The system is both mobile to obtain as static and in two types i.e. the Sigma 50 and the Sigma 60. The housing can be at a little additional price in your own company colors can be painted.

The machine is manufactured with good equipment and has therefore an industrial look. The frame is made of galvanised steel 3 and 6 mm.


Unique to the Sigma types is that this long time to cope with a high torque, something the retarder brakes cannot, this store the heat in the retarder which makes a very short test time arises at higher torque.

The Sigma 60 tester can be a high torque of 4556 Nm, depending on the engine speed (600 rpm) and a power of 700 hp (900 rpm).


There are ample storage for the PTO shafts and there is a safe platform for the laptop at the front of the machine.


The control and readout of the Sigma machine in two ways.

In the standard version is the tester is controlled via the handheld controller.

There may also be selected for the operating with the Sigma software with print function.








Technical specifications:


The Sigma testers have a 230 volt power supply max. 13 Amp. This is for the control and for the cooling fan, a 10 meter cable is standard supplied. The cooling is done by air.


Sigma 50

Sigma 60

PTO (270-1250 rpm)

515 Pk/380KW @1000 rpm

680 Pk/500KW @1000 rpm

Direct  (480-2200 rpm)

515 Pk/380KW @1800 rpm

680 Pk/500KW @1800 rpm

Torque @ 800   rpm

3170 Nm

4150 Nm

Torquel @ 1400 rpm

1790 Nm

2340 Nm



Weight Mobile

1600 Kg

1800 Kg

HxBxL  Mobile

1680x1745x3775 MM



Weight Static

1400 Kg

1600 Kg

HxBxL static

1590x1380x2445 MM



Your benefits:

- automatic test program (also walk-in/warm-up)

- possibility to diagnose and fix in the Workshop

- accurate system (guaranteed accuracy of 98%)

- possibility to produce a test report and power and torque charts

- ideal for duration test

- easy to operate

- customer can multiple tractors testing(at mobile version)

- Storage facility of 4 pieces pto




Our service and aftercare:

for you to make optimum use of your power tester, offers PPC when you purchase a power tester a product training in Holland.

It is also your power tester after purchase followed by an after sales representative.




Sigma 50

Sigma 60

@ 20 graden Celsius

@ 40 graden Celsius


400Pk (300Kw)

570Pk (420Kw)               

50 min.

25 min.


340Pk (260Kw)

    500Pk (370Kw)

3 uur

1.5 uur


From 20 - 270Pk (200Kw)

From 20 - 410Pk (300Kw)




The above data are calculated and can differ per assembly.

At the maximum testing is a cooling break of 30 min. sufficient for a next test.

For testing of a separate engine gearbox is a special necessary.

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